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Eurospars pride itself on building very high quality Ocean masts for the discerning yachtsman. Our masts are built using one piece sections up to 22m in length. This highly under estimated factor gives the section uniform control and sail shape as well as great appearance.

Our Ocean masts are specified with long distance passages in mind. The highest quality parts are sourced from the Sparcraft catalogue and assembled in Plymouth by our highly trained staff. Where standard parts are not considered to be good enough Eurospars has the ability to fabricate to their own specifications.

Our Ocean range has extruded parts at all high stress areas. Through bar spreaders are our standard. Wire attachment is catered for by high quality through bolted tangs.

Eurospars Ocean masts have been fitted on many different yachts, from small day boats to blue water cruisers and multihulls. (Island Packet, Grand Soleil, First, Wauquiez, Ocean Swan, Hanse, Lagoon and many others)

We consider our customers input with every mast we produce. We actually encourage owners to give us their ideas and requirements and we try our best to make them work. We accept that the yacht will not be sailed by ourselves and aim to please whereever we can.

If you are a yachtsman who requires a mast manufactured and tailored to your own needs, then the Ocean range from Eurospars is the perfect choice.

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